About Biopedia

Biopedia is a podcast where we dissect a different biological source, concept, theory or person in each episode. Past episodes have included topics such as signalling pathways and orca population history, but we also periodically take a step back in the form of ‘Rewind’ episodes to explain a more basic concept which we haven’t covered yet.

The aim of the podcast, when it started, was to partly be a revision tool for me. This is because, at the time it launched in October 2020 I was still a university student. However, I also wanted to communicate some of the wondrous and interesting topics in the field. I noticed that, although there were a lot of science news podcasts, there weren’t really a lot covering basic concepts or ideas in the same way that there were for history podcasts, for example. Hence the creation of Biopedia.

Episodes will hopefully release every Sunday (depending on my schedule) with occasional bonus episodes such as on the anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. Blog posts will mostly be topics that I’ve already touched upon in the podcast and which still have interesting avenues to explore. Otherwise I felt it might get a bit boring to keep coming back to the same topics in episode format!

Citations are displayed in the show notes of episodes and as hyperlinks in the blog. Any paper citations will be links to the open-access portion of the paper you would see if you were to type the title into a web browser; it’s just so you can see which papers I’m getting my information from.

From May 2020, the show’s previous episodes will also be available on YouTube at the following channel: Biopedia – YouTube

If you enjoy the show, feel free to have a look at the other podcast I narrate- After Alexander, which you can listen to at ‘After Alexander – A podcast exploring the Hellenistic age (wordpress.com)‘ and is available on most major podcasting platforms. Otherwise, enjoy the website and feel free to get in touch at ‘biopediapodcast@gmail.com’.